Monthly Archives: March 2011

Professional Goals for the Next Year

My Goals for this year are to teach my Grandchildren how to grow a vegie garden, the spiritual feeling of putting one’s hands in the soil and watching life grow is a beautiful experiance. The rest of the goal is to share with neighbors then on to a community garden as in “Organic Food Garden at Sun Run Center, OntarioCenter, Ontario

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Why We Dream

The subconscious world is full of information from our highest self, accessing it is very expansive…

a matrix dream

I have not had (or do not remember) my dreams since my youngest son became paraplegic 5 years ago. As i can remember, i would be able to trace dreams back to days thoughts or activities or if it is special in some form it sometimes could be from past lives, or a message of guidance .I believe we dream to receive messages, to work out challenges, to create, to expand…

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